This website has been put together by Edwin Siebel, web developer, living in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

Since the 2000’s, I’ve started developing websites professionally. For an overview of the websites I have created, I forward you to my Portfolio.

Besides being a developer, I’m also a masterstudent at the faculty of Human Movement Science at the Vrije University in Amsterdam.

After some time studying, I got very interested in science and technology, especially neuroscience. This explains several articles on my weblog.

I try to add as much interesting articles as I find on the web or in the newspapers.

This website

It started out as a weblog while I was travelling North and South America. I wrote about my adventures, but also posted photos for the people who were interested.

When I returned, my website was not being used for a while, until I got the idea of displaying my photos I took while travelling. This expanded hugely for the fact that travelling is one of my big passions.


If you feel the need to contact me, please do so by sending an email to edwin at this-domain-name.