23 August, 2007

Painfull food

Red and yellow chili pepper

The chili pepper is faking our nerves while eating: normal temperature appears incredibly hot. And this is quite useful, as this protects us from inflammations, but also protects the pepper from being eaten. On the 23rd of October 1997, David Julius and colleges wrote in Nature an article about their discovery, which got them the […]

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DNA, Neuroscience
15 July, 2007

Hardwiring the brain: Endocannabinoids shape neuronal connectivity


Mothers smoking marijuana during pregnancy, often risk children with behavior- and intelligence problems. A known fact, but now we are getting to know why this happens, thanks to neuroscience. In a growing brain, new nerve-cells are constantly searching for a place and a function and they are contacting with other nerve-cells by growing their axons […]

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Drugs, Neuroscience