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14 December, 2014

Amsterdam by night

A great timelapse of Amsterdam by night, with amazing shots of the Amsterdam Light Festival.

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29 October, 2013

Adventure Is Calling

Photographer Shane Black and two of his friends quit their jobs this past summer to spend two months traveling around the country (and teach photography workshops). It was a trip filled with endless hours cooped up in a van, exploring breathtaking landscapes, sharing stories and laughs, meeting some of the nicest people, making new friends, […]

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17 September, 2013

Costa Concordia resurrected

It took nineteen hours, about seven hours longer than intended, but since early this morning, the Costa Concordia is resurrected to it’s original position. This was accomplished by using a complex system of steel cables, pulleys and counterweights. A short three-minute timelapse shows the progress of the operation:

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9 September, 2013

Rio time lapsed

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most visited cities in the southern hemisphere and is known for its natural settings, carnival celebrations, samba, Bossa Nova, balneario beaches such as Barra da Tijuca, Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon. Some of the most famous landmarks in addition to the beaches include the giant statue of Christ the […]

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30 August, 2013

Functional life designs

Artist/designer Daan Roosegaarde won the Danish Index: Award 2013 for his project Smart Highway. Along with construction company Heijmans from Rosmalen Roosegaarde designed a series of innovations to modernize motorways, such as Glow-in-the-dark Lines and Electric Priority Lane.

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