14 June, 2010

World Champion Free Diver Free Falls into Blue Hole

World famous French free-diver Guillaume Nery who currently holds the world record for constant weight free diving (without fins) to a depth of 113 meters (370 feet), showcases his artistic side in a stunning video which went instantly popular.

The world champion freediver took time off during a freediving competition at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas (the World’s second deepest blue hole which plunges 202 meters/663 ft to the ocean floor) to make a short movie that emphasizes aesthetic images and innovative camera moves. The video featuring Guillaume Nery base jumping underwater into the depths of the Blue hole, takes your breath away just watching it. However, Nery clarified earlier rumors that he never reached the bottom which is at an impossible depth of 663 feet! Impressively enough though, the video is filmed entirely on breath hold by Guillaume’s girlfriend and french champion Julie Gautier.


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